• For International tourists who are interested in responsible tours


    In May 2nd 2014, Vietravel organized a responsible tour to Cu Chi for a group of teachers and students coming from Australia. The group also visited the old battlefield in Long Tan commune, Dat Do district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province.

    Many foreign tourists have special concerns about Responsible tours as they could do something to contribute for the local residents. Responsible tours give tourists new emotional experiences in their life. The group of 25 Australian teachers and students came to Vietnam to learn about Vietnamese history and carried out numerous charity activities. The group visited Thien Phuoc house, which is home of disabled children, at Hamlet 6, An Nhon Tay commune, Cu Chi Dist, Ho Chi Minh city. They also met and helped blinded children and students from a school named Nhat Hong in HCM city center. In the evening, the group had dinner at KOTO restaurant where street kids are given opportunities to be trained for cooking and serving in a restaurant, to get ready for their future. Just within some days, the group have connected all three humanity destinations together and made their tour so meaningful.

    In the 14-day-long journey, the Australian students also spent time at the Old battlefield at Long Tan commune, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province which used to be a garrisoned place of Australian army during the Vietnam war. They visited Long Tan Monument, Long Phuoc underground to experience and see the pictures of the old war in underground commander station, emergency stations and battlefield. Long Tan battlefield is one of the favorite destinations for Australian tourists. Besides, the worldwide famous Cu Chi tunnels were also visited as they could give them clear ideas of how severe the war was and how brave and creative the Vietnamese guerillas were in the war. 

    The tour “Visiting the old battlefield” seems not only for veterans but also for pupils, students- a young generation who don’t know much about wars happening in the past. They come to learn about the history of Vietnam, and the most important thing is to love the peace gained from harsh fighting in wars. It is the purpose why Vietravel have designed numerous responsible tours to many historical places in Vietnam, which are the milestones in the country’s history. 

    From the Northern regions including Dien Bien Phu, the relics in DMZ zone, the parallel 17, Hien Luong bridge, Ben Hai river, Quang Tri citadel, Thach Han river, Dong Ha, Khe Sanh, road 9, Ho Chi Minh trail, to the Southernmost points in Vietnam of Vinh Linh, Vinh Moc, Con Dao, Phu Quoc, Ca Mau, there are historical stories about them all to tell tourists. Vietnam is so proud to introduce to the whole world its rich cultures and histories as well as people’s hospitability and friendliness. Besides, natural landscapes like leisure and intact beaches as well as diversified cuisine are also the uniquely well -known attractions of Vietnam.

    (Source: PR Department)