Chúng tôi


Dear customers,

First of all, on behalf of Vietravel company, I would like to wish you all good health and enjoy traveling with Vietravel.

Being one of the top leading tourism companies in Vietnam today, Vietravel is the most professional and advanced tour packaging service provider. Established and developed since 1995, Vietravel has been continuously expanding and affirming itself not only within the domestic scope but also internationally.

Besides from being a high-class tour packaging service provider, Vietravel is also participating in bringing the Vietnamese travellers to various destination all over the world with newly excited and unique tours. Vietravel is successfully have customers such as the Japanese, Koreans, and Europeans to become our major business partners.

Vietravel has been highly honored to be the organizer of different events of international standards; for example, The Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) of 2006, The Southeast Asia Undergraduates Sports Festival, The Vesak of 2008, etc. In order to serve our customers in the most satisfied manner, more than 1.000 employees of Vietravel company have been greatly contributing their striving efforts without any hesitations.

Vietravel is not only simply a well-known trademark, but it has also become a very close friend for hundreds and thousands of travelers supporting Vietravel every year. Vietravel has been honored to become “The Most Prefered Trademark” voted by the Saigon Giai Phong newspaper’s readers for consecutive years, and “The Golden Trademark” of the Vietnam’s tourism industry. Moreover, Vietravel had also received other valuable awards such as “The Most Satisfied Travel Service” voted by Saigon Tiep Thi Newspaper; “Top Trade Services 2008” given by the Trade Ministry; etc.

2013 was a wonderful year when Vietravel was presented the two titles of the leading tour operator and travel agency in Vietnam of the 20th World Travel Awards (WTA) at a ceremony held in Dubai in October. Also, Vietravel was awarded the Best Travel Agency for Asia prize of the 24th TTG Travel Awards 2013 at a ceremony held in Bangkok on October 3.

By launching our website with the purposes to create conviences and to satisfy our customers’ demands, Vietravel has received a major award for outstandingly combining the high technology with the tourism field. This website is considered as the first leading Etour network in Vietnam and has become one of the top ten Etour websites in 2007 - 2008. In 2009, Vietravel will introduce a completely new layout version of In 2014, Vietravel received the Ho Chi Minh City’s E-Commerce Award – ECA for the best Online tour booking website of Vietnam. 

Travelers recognize that the website is friendly and useful thanks to its fast access speed, easy search engine, friendly layout, and safe payment process. They could find a lot of beautiful pictures, articles and useful information about destinations in Vietnam, South East Asia and all over the world. Now the address of is designed to link with mobile version helping customers to book tour quickly right on the fingers. This support makes travelers feel easy and convenient with Vietravel anytime and anywhere.

To welcome the new coming year of 2014, on behalf of more than 1.000 employees of Vietravel, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous year with good health, great accomplishments and full of happiness! Wish you all will have lots of valueable trips.